The Program

Overby Stock Farm is based 20 miles north of Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba, Canada in Central Manitoba's parkland region. 

Our goal is to produce high quality, functional cattle that will perform in a multitude of environments.  We focus our efforts to make our seedstock highly fertile, high efficiency cattle that thrive on less than ideal forage conditions while still bringing in adequate performance from offspring at weaning.  We choose to breed and calve our cattle how nature intended, breeding in mid July to take advantage of lush native forage and calving in April and May.

Our grass raised 2 year old bulls for sale annually receive zero creep feed supplementation while nursing, thus adequately measuring performance of both calf and dam.  Post weaning, the sale bull prospects are fed a limited high protein pellet to promote a gradual growth curve enhancing muscle mass and frame progression without putting on unnecessary fat that jeopardizes foot and leg structural integrity.  The bull sale prospects are then grazed on native pasture to prove their functionality for gain on marginal forage, as well as gaining lean muscle mass, frame and proper rumen function.  For the final 120 days prior to sale, the bulls are fed the same high protein pellet promoting lean muscle mass and free moving individuals.  The end result is an athletic herd sire who has been accustomed to thriving on marginal feedstuffs apt at doing the one job a bull has to do, BREED COWS.